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For all emergencies call 911
If the line is busy- (FIRE & PARAMEDIC emergencies only), call

911 LAPD Dispatch

LAPD Non-Emergency Dispatch:

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Fire Safety

Community Fire Safety

Fire in Sun Valley Hills
Fire in Sun Valley Hills, between Hollywood Way & Cabrini
September 03, 2005
To read more about this fire, go to the LAFD Blog

We live in a Very High Severity Fire Zone. (Download the fire zone map here.) We are required to keep our property clear of brush and obey the LAFD brush clearance rules (download the Brush Clearance PDF below).

Download this informative PDF that is also posted on the LAFD website on "Safety Tips for Living in a Brush Area." It tells you what as a homeowner is required of you in keeping your property clear, the distances from flammable vegetation to your home and more valuable information.

Find a list of Brush Management Contractors here. Some of us are unable to deal with the steep slopes and large trees on our property and therefore must hire these services. Here are just a few that are available as posted on the LAFD website (though none are endorsed by them,) but you can also check the yellow pages.

Home Fire Safety

Most importantly you should have 3 things in your home for fire safety,

  1. Fire extinguishers on at least every level

  2. Smoke detectors on every level

  3. Escape plan (see E.D.I.T.H. below) that you practice twice a year

Here are some excellent publications put out by the LAFD. Just click the title and it will automatically download to your computer.